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          • Travel information from our ongoing travels with emphasis on Italy and France.
          • Web design and hosting services.
          • Glenn's Pens with Information on the enjoyment of owning and using a fountain pen, reviews of fountain pen ink, a directory of pen stores with reviews of "stores of note" and profiles of the major pen companies.
          • My Favorite Dinner Party, with recipes and information on food and entertaining.
          • Art by artist Karen Marcus.
          • Photography by Glenn and Karen Marcus.
          • Marcus Moments - cards inspired by our travels.

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Atrani, Italy

Travel Journals and Travel Planning Services through our extensive knowledge from trips throughout Italy and France.


web design

Affordable web design and site hosting services.


pens, fountain pen inks, stores & companies

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Glenn's Pens

Glenn's Pens provides a wide range of resource information on fountain pens, writing inks, pen stores located in North America, Europe and other countries, and profiles of the major pen companies.





Food and EntertainingFood & Lifestyle

Recipes and information on great dinner parties and the life of entertaining.



Cards inspired by our travels.


Karen Marcus Art

Karen Marcus - Bouquet for the Millennium

I love the tactile nature of collage. The ability to move the pieces of colour and mold them into shapes, the dramatic changes that come with each layer. It gives me great enjoyment to see someone looking at my work trying to figure out what has gone into the painting to create the texture. Things like sand, oriental papers and tissue, fabric, gauze, corrugated cardboard, acrylic mediums and gels, acrylic inks, acrylic, watercolour and crayons add dimension to the piece.

My inspiration comes from so many areas. My husband and I have a long standing love affair with France and Italy. Annual trips provide an endless source of paintings in my mind. My love of flowers is a favorite subject for my photography and art and due to time constraints, I tend to plant my flowers on paper rather than in the ground.

Living on the west coast also inspires me to paint the abstracts I see in nature. My Sea Fragments series has now spanned two continents taking in the Mediterranean.

Working with collage and mixed-media is a freeing of the spirit for me and it has very much defined my style: vivid colours, bold images and strong textures.

Karen's art can be viewed on her web site:

Karen Marcus is an avid artist, photographer and traveller. Through her photography and art she captures many of the moments of her travels. A line of photography and digital art is available at: Marcus Moments. Her photography is at: photographybymarcus.